4th Prague Populism Conference

Current Populism in Europe: Culture, History, Identity


Evening Discussion: Historical aspect of populism

Monday, 21 May

17:30 – 19:15


Chair: Berthold Franke (Director, Goethe-Institut Czech Republic)

Hans-Jürgen Puhle (University of Frankfurt)

Hans-Jürgen Puhle is Professor of Political Science at J.W. Goethe University Frankfurt with a focus on Comparative Analysis of Liberal Democrat Systems and Democracy Theory. He is author of numerous publications about recent German, Western and Southern European and American social and political history, comparison of modernization problems, political systems, political parties, associations, democratization, welfare state, nationalism, and development policy.


Josette Baer Hill (University of Zurich)

Josette Baer Hill is adjunct professor of political theory with a focus on Central and Eastern European political thought at the Department of Philosophy of the University of Zurich (UZH), Switzerland. She has published several books and peer-reviewed studies about Czechoslovak, Czech, Slovak, Bulgarian, Russian, and Macedonian political thought and politics.


Milada Vachudová (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)

Milada Anna Vachudova specializes in the democratization of postcommunist Europe, the enlargement of the European Union, and the impact of international actors on domestic politics. Professor Vachudova has held fellowships and research grants from the European University Institute in Italy, the Center for European Studies at Harvard University, the European Union Center at Columbia University, the Center for International Studies at Princeton University, the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs at Harvard University, the National Science Foundation, the Woodrow Wilson Center and the National Council for Eurasian and East European Research. She received a BA from Stanford University in 1991. As a British Marshall Scholar and a member of St. Antony’s College, she completed a D.Phil. in the Faculty of Politics at the University of Oxford in 1997.


Karolina Wigura (University of Warsaw)

Karolina Wigura, Ph.D. is head of the Political Section of the Polish political and cultural weekly Kultura Liberalna. She studied sociology, history of ideas and political science at the University of Warsaw and the Ludwig-Maximilian-University in Munich. In 2008 she won the prestigious Grand Press award for her interview with Jürgen Habermas. Karolina Wigura is the author of the book ‘Wina narodów. Przebaczenie jako strategia prowadzenia polityki’ (Guilt of Nations. Forgiveness as a Political Strategy), for which she won the Józef Tischner Award for best essay in 2011. She is a  Marshall Memorial Fellowship Alumni and a  former visiting fellow at the Institute for Human Sciences in Vienna.