Current Populism in Europe: Culture, History, Identity.

Institute for International Studies Charles University together with Heinrich Böll Stiftung and Goethe Institut organized 21 and 22 May 2018 4th Prague Populism Conference titled "Current Populism in Europe: Culture, History, Identity". The conference was dedicated to the claim to represent the “will of the people”, the rejection of “elites”, the concept of “a glorious past”, nationalist narratives, and a certain understanding of identity and culture promulgated by populist parties, leaders and movements across Europe. In order to fully understand the goals and successes of these actors in European politics, it is essential to look at the respective historical context in which they have emerged and to analyse their politics of history and culture. The two days event was framed by keynote speeches by Ruth Wodak from Lancaster University, Francisco Panizza from LSE and Gianpietro Mazzoleni from University of Milan.

Conference programme in PDF