Current Populism in Europe: What's Next?

Institute for International Studies Charles University in Prague together with Heinrich Böll Stiftung and Goethe Institut organize 27 and 28 May 2019 5th Prague Populism Conference titled "Current Populism in Europe: What's Next?" After four years of the Prague Populism Conference, and 30 years since 1989, the time has come to look at the concept of populism critically and to ask vital, defining questions. Is this concept still appropriate for the description of political parties and their behaviour in Europe or elsewhere? Is there a consensus on what we really mean by this term? How has populism developed and mutated over the past decade, since the economic crisis? What can we expect from the upcoming elections to the European Parliament? Answers to those questions will help us to re-brand the notion of populism in order to keep pace with current political developments. The two days event was framed by keynote speeches by Cas Mudde from University of Georgia, Reinhard Heinisch from University of Salzburg and Andrea Peto from Central European University.